Please note the Doha Forum 2018 is invitation only. If you have received an invitation – please click on the RSVP link within the invitation and complete the online registration form.

If you would like to submit a request for an invitation, please email info@dohaforum.org with your name, company, job title and email address. Your request will then be submitted. If the request is approved, an invitation will be released within 7 days.

When registering, please ensure you have completed all the mandatory fields. After you have completed all the fields correctly and submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. If you experience any issues during this process then please contact the Doha Forum team.

Only some modifications can be considered after the submission, kindly refer to Guest Management team to get more clarification on this matter.

Upon completing and submitting your registration form your visa will be processed through the Doha Forum and upon approval you will receive confirmation. Visa requirements will be shown on the registration page, however if you have any additional questions or clarification please do not hesitate to contact our Doha Forum team.

For international guests, your travel, accommodation and transportation will be covered. Please note this does not include accompanying persons. 

Accommodation will be covered from 14th to 17th December 2018. We will provide transportation from Hamad International Airport to your hotel including your return journey.

We will provide transportation from Hamad International Airport to your hotel including the return journey.

If you are an international guest staying in a hotel then transport will be provided for you to and from the conference venue.

As an international guest at the Doha Forum 2018, accommodation will be covered and meals during the conference will be provided.


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